Charlotte SCORE #47
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2585 W Roosevelt Blvd.

Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 635 - 7898
Donald E. Blowers
  We are a locally owned Partnership, with long community ties and we are located in Monroe, North Carolina. Our local service area is Union County, and expanded areas are all the surrounding Counties in North Carolina and South Carolina. We have a retail outlet that is supplied with Desktops and Laptops, new and refurbished. We have a lot of the common parts for keeping your PCs operational and going strong. We sell many name brands, but our specialties are Custom built units for home, office and gamers, Built for your needs and to your specifications. We also come to you. We have mobile onsite service availible 24/7. We setup and service full business networks and Data base servers. We provide on and off site backup and full maintenance plans according to business size and needs. We can help protect your office from internal and external security threats.

PC GURU has a solid commitment to excellence for our customers. We promise to provide unparalleled service no matter how large or small the problem. Our job is to please our customers, not waste your time with warranty paperwork and wait times and unfulfilled promises. Our promise is to provide you with all the advice and information you need to keep your technology working for you!